Proprietary InSAR processing chain

One of the most advanced class of InSAR processing— Persistent Scatterer Interferometric Chain of Geomatics (PSIG)

Our proprietary processing chain is highly automated and reliable with a number of unique advantages.

Active corner reflector

ACR — is an electronic device used to secure stable InSAR response.

In the areas, where natural reflections are obstructed or weak , e.g. areas covered by snow or dense vegetation, the response and measurements can still be obtained with the help of ACR.

Predictive solution

Unique early warning InSAR based solution.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) we have developed a new method to generate early warnings against the risks, which a deformation may pose to an area or an object in an area.

Active Deformation Area map

The European ADA webmap is a platform designed to tap into the wealth of the information provided by the  European Ground Motion Service .

ADA allows browsing active deformations in Europe and see if an area or object are affected by a deformation. It makes use of the EGMS, part of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service ( CLMS ), datasets but makes it easier to use and interpret.

Deformation Differential map

DMM is another EGMS based value added service developed by GeoKinesia

DMM allows analysing  the “differential” i.e. the difference in levels, which a deformation may create and which might affect an object. This is another service which exploits EGMS dataset for the convenience of its users.