InSAR Imagery

Satellite programs and data

There are several satellite programmes :

  • Sentinel-1 is a mission by the European Space Agency’s Copernicus programme.
  • TerraSAR-X and PAZ are satellite programs exploited by EADS Astrium’s consortium.
  • Cosmo-SkyMed — a SAR satellite program operated by Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI).
  • Micro satellite private projects such as Capella Space (USA) and Iceye (Finland).
  • Other such as ALOS (Japan), Gaofen (China), SAOCOM (Argentina).

Different programs acquire data in different resolutions and have different revisit times.

We differentiate between :

  • Low to medium data resolution with the pixel size up to 4x14m;
  • High resolution with the pixel size of 3x3m;
  • And Very High Resolution with the pixel size of 1x1m.

Revisit times range from 6 days for Sentinel to 1 day for new programs such as Capella Space and Iceye.

Sentinel-1 revisit time is 6 days, TerraSAR-X and PAZ high resolution satellite programs offer 4 plus 7 or 11 days revisit time, while the latest private programs – Capella Space and Iceye will offer daily revisits once they are launched. 

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